Release Shame

One of the more toxic and irritating emotions I have had to deal with to date and forerunner of most of my vices is SHAME.   Shame: A painful emotion caused by a guilty conscious or shortcoming.  Shame can cause you to:  Make attributions about others that are disguised attempts to restore a positive self-view or hide … More Release Shame

Overcome Rejection

Growing up, I never understood why I held on to people so hard and why I couldn’t accept the loss of someone or something. I would go out of my way to make sure that they stayed in my life, to the point I would put myself out just to make sure that they were … More Overcome Rejection

Conquer the “Having to be better than Everyone” syndrome.

Crazy how debilitating this can be, so subtle at first. Preys on the weak and insecure. The soft voices that say “oh see, you’re not enough” “look how she/he gets praised more than you” “what makes them so much better than you” “I can and have done this Better than he/she why are they not … More Conquer the “Having to be better than Everyone” syndrome.

Journey to Self

Conception forming your intertwining history into an innocent undefiled being             Exceptional imperfections                          Alluring elegance that refines. Hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting all that the world apologetically offers indirectly Forming the once innocent incorruptible being growing inside of the … More Journey to Self

Stop Competing

As a child, I have always been competitive, and I mean competitive with EVERYTHING. I compete with people that don’t even know they are in a tournament of who can do it better or faster. Ha, my goal was always to be better than everyone else. Friends would always ask why do you always have to be … More Stop Competing

So It Begins!

I can remember as if it was yesterday, it was a Wednesday night two and a half years ago,  and I had decided despite my crazy day/week/month I was having, that I would go to all night prayer meeting. When I arrived and saw that one of my favorite pastors was up preaching and sharing … More So It Begins!